The Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR)

8205 114 St, 3-48 Corbett Hall
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G4

Phone: 780.492.2619
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The Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research is a self-funded institute of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. We offer specialized treatment to children, teens and adults who stutter. In addition, we conduct research into stuttering, offer advanced professional training for speech-language pathology students and clinicians, and promote public awareness of stuttering and its treatment. One of the treatment options is SpeechEasy. is an Altered Auditory Feedback anti-stuttering device, delivering Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency Altered Feedback. It helps People Who Stutter increase their fluency with high-tech, quality fluency devices that are well-known, accepted and accessible.
SpeechEasy is a patented, stuttering inhibiting, prosthetic device with digital technology that delivers Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and/or Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF). This feedback has the effect of inhibiting stuttering and facilitating fluency while SpeechEasy is worn. Based on “choral speech”, SpeechEasy creates the illusion of speaking in unison with someone else.

ISTAR currently offers two styles of SpeechEasy: the open-ear acoustics "Comfort Fit" (CF), and the practical and easy-to-handle, "Behind-The-Ear" (BTE).

SpeechEasy providers

Certified Speech-Language Pathologists Holly Lomheim and Jessica Harasym O’Byrne of the Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research (ISTAR), bring over 50 years of combined experience assessing and treating stuttering and other speech disorders. Both clinicians are experienced in the assessment and fitting of SpeechEasy fluency devices for People Who Stutter.
Clinical Director Holly Lomheim joined ISTAR in 1994 and has been a member of the team ever since. Along with the planning and coordination of intensive and refresher stuttering clinics, the supervision of Speech-Language Pathology student training, and the presentation of stuttering research, Holly excels in delivering various types of stuttering therapy to children, teens and adults. In 2008, she received the award for Clinical Excellence presented by the Alberta Rehabilitation Coordinating Council.
Jessica Harasym O’Byrne, a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since 2005, has been involved with ISTAR since 2001, beginning as a volunteer and research assistant. With plenty of experience working with preschool and kindergarten-aged children with severe communication needs, as well as involvement in the supervision and clinical education of Speech-Language Pathology students and specialization in numerous types of stuttering treatment, Jessica spends her time working with clients of all ages who stutter as well as individuals with other communication needs.


CF (Comfort Fit) Open Air Acoustics CDN $4,495

BTE (Behind The Ear) Custom Ear Molded CDN $4,495