Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Speech-Language Pathologists' view

Speech-Language Pathologists are communication therapists,
interested in finding ways to help their clients speak so that they can lead
full and productive lives. Sometimes Speech-Language Pathologists help their clients by providing one-on-one therapy, sometimes they provide group therapy, and sometimes Speech-Language Pathologists help by pointing their clients towards technology aids that may help them speak more effectively.
The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA) recently listed in its newsletter section “Our Professions in the News” the following article with video: A little device that is helping people with a stutter speak easy http://www.live5news.com/story/22647086/a-little-device-that-is-helping-stutterers-speak-easy
Please click on the link above to learn about how the SpeechEasy fluency device is one technology that Speech-Language Pathologists recommend to some People Who Stutter to help them manage their fluency.

SpeechEasy and Parkinson’s

There are numerous studies published about the  use of DAF and FAF and their use in helping to create more intelligible speech.  However, one study by Dr. Emily Wang at Rush University in Chicago, specifically  looks at how SpeechEasy has been used to help  facilitate clearer speech in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  

In  her study, she found that  patients with palilalia and frequent hesitations in their speech showed marked improvement  when using SpeechEasy. The improvements were seen in both speaking rate as well  as overall intelligibility. Other studies are underway that will continue  to look at how SpeechEasy can be used to benefit the communication of those  with Parkinson’s.

Client Testimonial

SpeechEasy can change lives. Here a mother shares her son’s experience with the device on SpeechEasy’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SpeechEasy:
I rarely post anything personal on facebook. Yet something happened yesterday,
that for me, was a miracle. Many of you know that my dear son, Nicholas, has a
very pronounced stutter. Making everything he encounters a struggle. From a
simple phone call to a job interview is impacted. I have watched him over the
years put up with, well meaning people, that try to finish his sentences.
Individuals and friends that simple turn their attention away as he attempts to
get the words out. Yet, he never stops trying to speak. He bravely wants to work
with the public. His courage and humor over the years has been inspiring
Thankfully the people that love him just wait for the words to come forth. One
of his dearest friends once said that Nick doesn’t stutter, he is just
buffering. He has so much to share yet it is tempered by finding words he thinks
he can say.
Sooooo, (I know, long intro) we went to a speech Pathologist
yesterday that fitted Nick with a device (worn like a hearing aid). He picked up
a piece of paper and started to read it out loud. There was no hesitation, no
stutter…his eyes opened wide as we sat looking at each other. Incredulous of
what was happening. He put the paper down and started to speak to me. Words
flooding the room. I have never heard my son (now 28) speak like this. His face
lite up as he continued and continued. My eyes of course filling with tears. He
even made a telephone call. Lasted six minutes. You see, in stuttering time, it
is a million years. Had to smile when the test device had to be removed. He did
not want to let it go. His own device will be delivered in 2 weeks. His first
call will be to his sister, Anna. He said that she has never heard him speak
without a stutter. I think we both shed a tear. His life is forever

Changes to SpeechEasy Canada’s Distribution Network 2016

After much deliberation True Fluency Canada has decided to cease its role as the national Canadian distributor of SpeechEasy devices during the summer of 2016.
Henceforth, from the 1st of July, SpeechEasy devices will be distributed through a network of independently-operated fluency professionals across Canada. True Fluency Canada remains the sole provider for the province of British Columbia. Please refer to the relevant  website page for the provider nearest to you.
SpeechEasy anti-stuttering devices have been available to People Who Stutter since 2001 and  helped thousands to increase their ability to communicate effectively and confidently. Many more are only just beginning to discovering the benefits of this combination of  proven technology and techniques used to reduce stuttering. It remains the smallest and most effective fluency device in the world.

ISTAR’s integrated fluency approach

For over 30 years, ISTAR has been committed to serving clients of all ages who
stutter. We are dedicated to treatment, research, professional training and public education and awareness. Clinicians at ISTAR are highly skilled in providing stuttering treatment using the Comprehensive Stuttering Program, the Lidcombe Program, the Parent Child Interaction Program, the Camperdown Program and various other treatment approaches including assessment and fitting of the Speech Easy device. Clients can be seen in indvidual or group formats and may attend intensive and refresher clinics as well as extending therapy.

Another satisfied SpeechEasy user describes his experience

There has been much debate and many research papers published on the longer-term results and effectiveness of SpeechEasy. From these we have learned that SpeechEasy is beneficial for some, but not for all; and that the effects of the device may wear off over time for some users, but for many others, it does not lose its effectiveness at all. We were reminded again of this recently when watching this You Tube clip from a SpeechEasy user called David. See how it impacted his fluency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGWPJYScpzo
From our personal experience with hundreds of satisfied clients over the past 12 years, we can categorically point to so many who have reordered SpeechEasy devices after four, six years and even 10 years.