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20th May

Summer updates at True Fluency Canada

As we enter the busy summer months, True Fluency is again offering substantial discounts on the CIC and CF models. Plus we …

3rd Dec

Year-end Promotion

December is the last month to take advantage of our greatly reduced price on the  SpeechEasy Tx- CIC model. You can purchase …

3rd Dec

SpeechEasy and Parkinson’s

There are numerous studies published about the  use of DAF and FAF and their use in helping to create more …

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True Fluency Canada (TFC) is a Vancouver-based corporation and national distributor of the SpeechEasy range of products. SpeechEasy is an Altered Auditory Feedback anti-stuttering device, delivering Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency Altered Feedback.

Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist, Janet Gibson, President of TFC, brings over nine years of experience managing SpeechEasy distribution in Canada. Our country-wide network of highly-specialized and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists helps People Who Stutter increase their fluency with high-tech, quality fluency devices that are well-known, accepted and accessible. We are client-focused and strive to provide excellence in our products and service.